Kratom is becoming popular among people who are seeking treatment mentally, physically and psychologically. It is an herb so it won’t have any side effects.  

The most popular product is the powder. This is what most people buy because it is believed that it’s more effective. Rather than smoked, Kratom powder is ingested. So, what are the different ways to take the powder? 


How to Take Kratom Powder? 

  1. Direct Intake. This is the simplest way to take Kratom powder. Just measure the amount of powder you will drink in a glass. Just tip the glass into your mouth and swallow the herb. You can also use a spoon and scoop the powder. You can eat as many mouthfuls as you want.
  2. Make it a tea. Another method to take the powder is by boiling it with water for 30 minutes. Some people are confident in the result by doing this process. It’s more effective and the more product they can consume also. The tea does not taste bad so you can either drink it hot or cold. It’s actually nice when its chilled a little bit. 
  3. In capsule. Although this is the easiest way to intake the herb, pills are not recommended. For those who don’t want to feel the taste, this is the product for you. But eventually, you need more than 10 pills to swallow in order for the herb to take effect. Just take it with water and you will be fine.
  4. Add to your yogurt. Another option where you can mask the taste of Kratom. You can add a fruity flavor of the yogurt. But actually, Kratom takes effect better on an empty stomach. But if you are very particular about the taste, you can use this method. 
  5. Add to your protein shake. Though this can also be a successful method you are taking it with calories. But some people say that Kratom is effective in this method.


Now, you know the different ways to take Kratom powder, the next thing you will do is to buy. “How to find Kratom near me?” The best answer to that is through online. Here are the tips when you are going to shop Kratom online. 


Tip 1: Buy only on a reliable source. Check the website first before you buy. Does it provide accurate descriptions of the products? Is it organize and with terms and conditions? A serious seller will invest in his business. 

Tip 2: Check the different products sold. There should be around three to five different types of Kratos sold such as the powder and pills. If they only have few, then find another one. You don’t want to limit what you want to buy. 

Tip 3: Check the process of shipping. How many days will it be shipped? You don’t want to deal with a website that takes too long to ship. Also, you have to check if they have order tracking. You should be aware of the status of your package from time to time.